Day 234: Don't Look So Sad - Smile!

Many people misinterpret the message of Desteni. Apparently, Destonians see the world and life in a very negative light - which may be true to some degree, but only because there are truly atrocious situations that unfold in every minute of every day. The world is only a nice place when we don't think about the children being molested, the animals being ripped apart, the women being raped, the families going hungry, the child brides, the slaves.

The reality of our lives is that the world is simply reflecting back to us who we are. It's not like all of the abuses in the world happen magically, or by the intervention of some dark force - we are the ones doing these things, to ourselves and to each other. The fact that the thought exists within us of "murder" is enough to ensure that someone, somewhere, will manifest that thought. Just as we have created our society as it is now, so we can too create a new society that will benefit all life and actually allow every being to really enjoy life.

That's what it's all about: every living being should live a life free from pain, lack and suffering so that every one may experience the contentedness, joy and relaxation of experiencing life without worries and thoughts of the misery of others. You may say that we call emotions and feelings "bad" - if you believe this then you are simply misunderstanding. Emotions and feelings on their own, in their basic expression and purpose, are neither "good" nor "bad" - they simply are. There is nothing "wrong" with experiencing things like fear, anger, joy - the problem only comes in with how we experience, create and hold on to these experiences. We actually will generate and maintain states of self based on thoughts running around in our heads.
"Oh, he makes me SO ANGRY! When he does that thing that doesn't make any sense and is completely inconvenient to ME! I just want to RIP HIS HEAD OFF!" - Thoughts such as these generate anger, bitterness and resentment, normally blowing irrelevant things into huge issues and causing tension, hatred and pretty much irrational behavior toward the person(s) who is the center of the thought. Racism, sexism, hate crimes, bullying - all of these acts and mindsets come from these anger-fueling thoughts.
"What if they think that I look like an elephant in this colour, then no one will like me and I'll be the loner in the corner, as usual. Why do I even bother, I should just avoid these situations - if no one sees me then they can't judge me." - Our society has created massive image issues, simply be placing value on pictures and beauty. So many people live in a constant fear of being judged for things as simple as not looking a certain way. This is simply ludicrous.
"My life is so perfect! There must be some Divine plan, because I cannot fathom any thing being wrong with the world. Let me smile for the beggar child, and give him a few coins, that will improve his life!" - This is similar to the whole "enlightenment" and "ascension" type of thinking. It is also along the same thread of believing that a saviour will come and lift us all up out of our own mess, or that there is some outside force guiding us - all so that we don't feel like we are responsible for the world, or anyone else but ourselves. The problem is that the world is an ugly place - and we allow it to continue being ugly by believing that we have no power or responsibility - so we live in a little bubble of happiness and ignore the horrors happening all around us.

We have turned the best moments of life into selfish and tainted experiences - we who call ourselves Destonians say that everyone should be able to enjoy life - not just those who have enough money and are willing to turn a blind eye from the suffering of others. This does not make use "sad" or "angry" people who never smile , laugh or play - it makes us determined to change the world for the benefit of all life, because none are free until all are free.


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